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This Week In Unreal History: 14 Years

May is always a busy time in the videogames industry. Looking back at this week in 2002 Unreal 2 and UT 2003 were both being shown at E3. In 2004 Tim Sweeney was talking to us about the upcoming Unreal Engine 3. In 2005 Steve Polge was telling us about UT 2007. In 2008 Chair Entertainment was acquired by Epic Games and CliffyB became Cliff Bleszinski.

The big deal, however, is that this week in 1998 the great Unreal was released to the public. I still remember pulling that big fat Unreal retail box down off of the shelf and rushing home to do the lengthy install. What an amazing game.

As I hold the jewel case in my hands right now I can't help but chuckle a bit at the bullet point on the back that says "Includes unsupportd Beta version of the Unreal Level Editor". How times have changed!